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Once upon a time ...

... there was a teeny-weeny lovely island in the middle of the great wide ocean and on it was a teeny-weeny lovely shop run by two teeny-weeny-er .., lets say ... by two wise and lovely ladies.
They had the terrific idea of printing the emblem of the teeny-weeny lovely island, namely the teeny-weeny lovely gecko, on tee-shirts and then selling these.

Everyone adored the lovely tee-shirts - except one man: the fat Mr. Lakotz in a far away country.
He had lots and lots of tee-shirts printed with a crocodile and wanted to sell them too, for oodles and oodles of money. So when he saw the teeny-weeny lovely tee-shirts with the teeny-weeny lovely geckos from the two wise and lovely ladies, his face turned green: “Now nobody´s going to buy my ugly crocodiles anymore” he screamed and stamped all over the place.

In a trice he sent his big fat lawyers to the teeny-weeny lovely island. They swaggerd in and shouted: “You can´t sell those. They look like our crocodiles”.

Where upon everybody fell about laughing: the two wise and lovely ladies, the lawyers and the judges. In fact the whole island held its tummy and rocked back and forth.

And if the two wise and lovely ladies have not died, you can still get their notorious tee-shirts at Algo Diferente.

Andrea und Antje - Something different

There we are on this beautiful island of La Gomera in 2001: Andrea and Antje, two women, beautiful and intelligent (have a look above!)… One with her children, the other has just arrived.
It was clear that we wanted to do something different (in spanish algo diferente).
“Let us open a Tapas-Bar!"
“No, that is not really a good idea and it will cost us a fortune!”
"¿What else could be different? A fashion somehow different?"
Well, that is not really an idea for the tourists coming to this place.
And then THE IDEA was born: We will make shirts with different symbols of the Guanches (first inhabitants of the Canary Islands) and of course of “our” gecko (Do you remember the story?).

You can see the result here. And because of the fact that we keep trying to be different, we have now shirts made from organic material and from fairtrade.
These shirts are not only healthy to wear, but also a contribution to a world a bit more ecological and social.
Andrea und Antje

And now, just 22 years later,
we are very happy to welcome the next generation supporting us:
Samira, Andrea's daughter.

So many beautiful things
- our collection

We have tried to think of everyone:
For those who love making presents to themselves, we have the largest (and of course most beautiful!) collection of shirts of La Gomera, including hoodies and buffs with our gecko.
For those who had to stay at home, watering the plants, feeding dogs and cats, picking you up at the airport and all the other beloved people, we have additionally a lot of different small presents with our gecko like cloth bags, tiles, keyrings, magnets, stickers and a lot more. Tip: Come to our shop and have a look!

You find us here - Bienvenidos!

The shop Algo Diferente is located on the main road of Borbalán, Avenida El Llano 25,
across from the pharmacy and kitty-corner to the Spar supermarket.
Business hours: Monday to Friday:  10 am - 7 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 2 pm
Sunday: closed

Telephone: 0034 922 806 186

And you find us of course on    

Hasta pronto - see you soon !

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